Best NFT Trends in 2022: Diversity and Inclusion

The NFT market is extremely volatile, thus identifying the peak 2022 NFT trends is essensial for success

Digital artists jumped on large scales into the crypto universe for the first time in 2020 as the first NFT projects rose to prominence.

The superior technology of NFTs encouraged many artists to use NFTs to communicate their art with the public. 

Male artists may dominate NFTs, but many females or/and transgender artists s have begun to forge a name for themselves since 2021.

NFT Trends that will change 2022

The ecosystem is very different from what it was in previous years. The demand for sound NGt projects is increasing, and the expectations are maturing.

The digital art revolution has shown all genders that they can use NFTs to monetize their talents and speak up for what they believe in. 

New digital art collections by female designers and artists showcase social causes and suggest innovative solutions, contributing to the acceleration and enrichment of the NFT sector. 

Teams of all genders, primarily females, are now making the NFT and crypto communities more diverse and inclusive and showing a new socially responsible perspective.

2022 Gender-inclusive NFT projects

Authentic and revolutionary gender diverse projects regularly brought into the NFT space continue to amaze us. 

Let’s look at the eight most inspiring gender-inclusive NFT projects and see how they leverage their NFT art collections and dedicated communities to transform the industry and the world around us. This list identifies the best NFT trends and projects that will dominate 2022.

#1: World of Women

World of Women (WoW) was designed by the famous artist and designer Yam Karkai. 

The project debuted successfully on July 27, 2021, quickly selling out of all 10,000 NFTs depicting powerful and diverse women. 

This outstanding project is a celebration of diversity, inclusiveness, and equality of opportunity, and is in high demand with a transaction volume of more than 67,000 ETH.

The project’s prominent holders are Shonda Rhimes, Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, MC Hammer, Gary Vee, and many other notable personalities. 

WoW has also teamed up with Universal Music Group and one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase.

#2: Gender Unicorns

Despite the many new projects supporting gender equality, the only NFT project supporting a wide specter of non-binary genders is the Gender Unicorns.

Gender Unicorns is an NFT Card game featuring 20 different gender alliances and NFT gender identities. The Unicorns have more than 470 handmade designs reflecting their diverse characteristics.

The project is community-driven and maintains a Gender Wikipedia and a dedicated Discord server that serves as a public forum for people of all genders.

The project’s goal is to have a lively, diverse community and build meaningful relationships in a fun, stimulating, and rewarding environment. 

#3: Women Rise

Women Rise is a collection of 10,000 NFTs depicting artistic pictures of women, created by Maliha Abidi, an internationally acclaimed Pakistani-American published author and visual artist. 

The collection highlights and celebrates women activists, academics, artists, and scientists.

The project aims to promote global gender equality. To do this, they have agreed to donate 7.5% of the proceeds to organizations worldwide that fight for women’s rights, equal representation, and young girls’ education.

#4: Boss Beauties

The Boss Beauties NFTs features a collection of 10,000 female avatars in inspiring roles, that can also be used to access special virtual events and other exclusive club perks. 

Using cutting-edge collaborations, Boss Beauties hopes to inspire women and girls at the forefront of innovation, governance, and artistry. 

The project, which Lisa Mayer debuted in September of last year, has managed some remarkable achievements, like being the first NFT shown at the New York Stock Exchange.

The project teamed up with Marvel and Coinbase to promote female empowerment. 

Eva Longoria, Morgan Lake, and Jade Roper Tolbert are just a few celebrities who own the Boss Beauties NFTs.

#5: Rebel Society

Elrir and Frida, husband and wife, aspired to create the Rebel Society project celebrating the revolutionary nature of women. 

The project features fearless women who defy social norms and standards. 

The project was launched on October 26, 2021, and was a collection of 7,000 NFTs. 

The artwork of Elrir and Frida is striking in both style and message. The public embraced their initiative, and the project became a great success. 

The project uses part of the revenues to support young women artists aiming to get into the NFTs.

#6: Flower Girls

Over 950 hand-drawn qualities were used to create the 10,000 NFTs that make up the NFT collection, “The Flower Girls.” 

Varvara Alay, an illustrator, and graphic designer, debuted the Flower Girls NFT line last year. 

Including captivating art pieces, the project focuses on natural beauty, purity, and diversity.

The Flower Girls are also promoting a good cause. 20% of the proceeds from the sales will be given to support children in need. 

Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria, and Gary Vaynerchuk are some celebrities who bought the NFT cards. 

#7: Remarkable Women

Designed by Rachel Winter, “Remarkable Women” is a tribute to everyday women. 

Inspirational and motivational messages (in 15 languages!) can be found in the 6,000 NFTs that make up the collection. 

Colorful and eye-catching, the NFTs draw inspiration from feminism, fashion, and cultural diversity.

The project gives 10% of the net sales to “The Remarkable Women’s Impact Fund” and “The Fund for Women’s Equality.”

#8: Women of Crypto

The Women of Crypto is possibly the most remarkable 3D women-led NFT project.

The project was unveiled on February 3, 2022, to celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of each woman, and it includes 8,888 3D NFTs. 

The mind behind the project is Amy Matsushima, an innovative entrepreneur who aims to eliminate the gender imbalance and seeks to encourage women to join the cryptocurrency industry. 

Currently, the project donates 50% of its profits to the NFT project CryptoChicks and the non-profit organization Women Who Code.

What is the future of gender-inclusive NFT projects?

Recently, we have seen promising signs that the traditional, cis-gender male-dominated NFT space is finally changing. The current NFT trends go beyond speculation and have more meaningful objectives.

Well-made gender-inclusive projects have not only entered with high technical and visual standards but also with community features that match and, in some cases, surpass the leading NFT market leaders.

The demand for gender-inclusive NFT projects has seen a meteoric rise in 2021, and we expect the trend to continue in 2022.

However, we predict that in 2022 the NFT space will not only feature the meteoric rise of female-led NFTs but also include more gender-diverse projects, like the Gender Unicorns NFT.

Even if the general cryptocurrency market may enter a new bearish cycle, projects aiming to break stereotypes and promote social justice will be one of the new dominant forces.

Did you agree with those NFT trends?