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Executive Summary

Gender Unicorns is the first NFT card game promoting gender diversity, equality, and acceptance via interactive gender alliances.

The project will provide 20+ dedicated gender channels and alliances to flourish a vibrant, diverse community and allow meaningful, respectful interactions.

Each member will be encouraged to share their story and support each other to earn the right to own a Gender Unicorns NFT. The Gender Unicorns NFTs will provide access to an engaging card battle game (aka Unicorn Battles) that emphasizes cooperation and strategic decisions.

Most importantly, the Unicorns Battles normalize the existence of a diverse gender-verse and help fight bias and prejudice with the power of knowledge and friendship.

The first generation of Gender Unicorns will comprise 10,001 NFTs generated from more than 470 hand-drawn designs.

The Gender Unicorns will also offer a variety of innovative features such as an NFT battle matchmaking platform (aka Unibet), an NFT lending platform (aka Unilend), an in-game currency (aka Unicoins), exclusive alliances, a smart-contract marketplace, rarity statistics directly embedded into the NFT metadata, and more.

All unique features are explained in detail in our official Pinkpaper, found here:


The Gender Unicorns aspire to become a global catalyst in normalizing gender diversity and helping every person express their gender identity and gender expression freely.

Our project aims to unite everyone and break stereotypes, hatred, and biases with love and education. We want to improve the understanding and documentation of the experiences of people of various underrepresented genders and provide a safe space for their online existence.

Our mission is to build a better humanity where our differences are respected and celebrated. Gender Unicorns can become a major symbol of the global change toward an open, loving society.

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Main Team

The core team of the Gender Unicorns is the following:

George Chrysochou – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

George has an M.Sc n in Entrepreneurship from EDHEC Business School and a B.Sc in Economics from the University of Cyprus. He’s the CMO at, one of the world’s largest personal finance sites, and the founder of SocioBright Ltd, a Google Partner digital advertising agency.


Giorgos Georgiou – Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

George has an MSc(Eng) in Advanced Software Engineering from The University of Sheffield and a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science from Sheffield Hallam University. He has more than eight years of experience as a Software developer and DevOps.


Olko Vladi  – Lead Character Designer (LCD)

Olko has a professional background in graphics and user interface design, but her real passion lies in character design, visual development, and illustration. She has 9 years of design experience and created hundreds of unique characters in her career. She likes traveling, playing volleyball, and hiking.

Linkedin Twitter Discord Behance Instagram Email

Katerina Kuparadze – Lead Graphic Designer (LGD)

Katerina studied graphic design at IT college in Tbilisi, Georgia. For the last 6 years, she has worked full-time as a graphic designer. She is specialized in logo design, social media graphics, web illustrations, branding. She enjoys going hiking and branding.

Linkedin Twitter Discord Email

Antonis Theofanous  – Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Antonis is the director of the companies Amazon Investments, ACIS, and Pitsas Insurances. He has an MSc (Hons) in Finance from Durham University and a BSc (Hons) in Economics from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He provides investment consulting services to HNWI from all over the world.


Luba Shevchuk –  Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Luba is a passionate marketer with 12 years of experience in online advertising, PPC, and e-commerce. She speaks 4 languages fluently: English, German, Ukrainian, Russian. She places herself easily in our client’s shoes and helps identify strategic opportunities and goals.

Linkedin Twitter Discord Email

Aizel Ash Villarino – Chief Community Manager (CCM)

Aizel has a degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Airline Management from the Philippines. She manages a team of Admin Assistants and helps businesses expand their operations through data management and lead generation. She loves working with people and organizing events.

LinkedIn –  Twitter –  Instagram –  DiscordEmail

Inna Ivanova – Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

Inna holds a Bachelor of Laws and BSc Degree in Management. She worked many years as Chief of Internal Audit in prestigious Russian firms. Today she is a managing partner in the Legal Company Amazon Corporate and Immigration Services.

Linkedin Discord Telegram Email 

Evros Neofytides – Lead Web Designer (CWD)

Evros has a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics & Advertising Design. He’s the Director of Cyprus Graphics Shop, Co-Founder of SocioBright Ltd, and a Lead Designer for Contentworks Agency projects overseeing the creation and re-branding in the Finance Sector on behalf of their clients.


Marina Eromina – Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Marina is a senior risk analyst at Alpha Bank in Minsk. She holds an Economics and Marketing Degree from the Belarusian State Economic University. Marina has experience in international transactions, digital banking, risk management, and applied mathematics.

Linkedin Discord Telegram –  Email 

To be announced:

Gender Diversity Officer (GDO)


The project’s main milestones/roadmap are presented below:

  1. Main team formation ✅
  2. PinkPaper ✅
  3. Game mechanics, gameplay & graphics ✅
  4. Gen 1 Unicorn Designs ✅
  5. Minting code and testing ✅
  6. Marketing Plan ✅
  7. Gameplay video
  8. Community build-up
  9. Pinklisting & moderator programs
  10. Outreach & partnerships
  11. Gender alliances’ clubs
  12. Smart contracts official marketplace
  13. Unicorn battles & Unibet testnet
  14. Unicorn battles & Unibet mainet
  15. Unicorn battles global contests
  16. Gender alliances battles
  17. Unicoins integration & rewards
  18. Alliances voting & leaderboards
  19. Unilend lending platform
  20. Gender Unicorns metaverse club
  21. Community voting for new development features

Unique Features

Our project is proud to present several unique features:

  1. Unicorn Battles
    Proprietary NFT card battle game that utilizes smart contracts & NFT metadata
  2. Unilend
    Proprietary NFT lending platform where users can lend Unicorns and receive fees paid in $ADA
  3. Unibet
    Proprietary NFT battle matchmaking platform with interactive custom filters
  4. Unicoins
    Proprietary in-game currency used for community and alliance voting powers, reputation management, and rewards
  5. Rarity Metadata
    First NFT project to include rarity percentages directly into all of its NFT metadata
  6. Dual Rarities
    First NFT project to feature two collective purposes and rarity tables: Collection rarity and Battle rarity
  7. Gender Diversity
    First gender-diverse NFT project, featuring 20 different genders with exclusive gender alliances and features
  8. Unicorn Club
    Exclusive Gender Alliance’s Club chat rooms, contests, leaderboards, and rewards
  9. Unitrade
    Exclusive Unicorn smart-contract marketplace available on the official website
  10. Uniperks
    Exclusive perks for NFT holders (physical Unicorns cards, meetups, events, charities, etc.)
  11. Vast Customizations
    The largest number of custom hand-drawn designs than any other current CNFT project (more than 476)
  12. Infinite Combinations
    The largest combination of traits of any NFT project: only 10,001 NFTs minted from over 195 quintillion combinations (195,312,500,000,000,000,000)

*Disclaimer: certain features will be available after reaching the milestones in the roadmap. Please consult the official roadmap and our Terms for more information.

Audiences & Impact

Main audiences

The main target audiences of the project are:

– Marginalized people of various gender identities who need support and understanding

– Casual gamers (mobile, browser games)

– Experienced strategy game gamers

– Advocates of human rights, social justice, and gender equality.

– NFT investors, NFT collectors, and crypto enthusiasts

Below you can see our projected impact on each of our primary target audiences:

Projected Impact

– Marginalized people of various gender identities who need support and understanding: 

Under-represented minorities will find a home in Gender Unicorns’ alliances and will be able to express themselves and meet others in fun, engaging, and rewarding ways. Token distribution will be exclusive to active community members who help break gender biases and educate others for their gender or other genders. We want to create a safe space for love and appreciation in our community where everyone is celebrated.

– Casual gamers (mobile, browser games):

Casual games will find an easy-to-learn (though hard to master) gaming experience which requires little time commitment but offers high challenges in an intuitive environment directly on the web browser. Each game will be quick but involve some smart strategies, yet the match-making system will match players with similar experiences and skills. Most importantly, the game will teach the value of cooperation and appreciation of all people to an audience that is rarely exposed to positive social causes in their gaming activities.

– Experienced strategy game gamers:

Provide a game with a high strategic value that requires high skills and experience to master. High-ranking players will be granted leadership roles in their alliances and exclusive rewards. Such high roles are not permanent and rely on users’ votes, which incentivize expert games to keep a humble and helpful attitude. Experience players will be able to keep challenging themselves using the adaptive match-maker algorithm, earn more reputation rewards, and inspire others in their alliance not only to perform well in their battle duties but most importantly maintain a spirit of respect and collaboration.

– Advocates of human rights, social justice, and gender equality:

Gender Unicorns aims to be the first mainstream NFT project to normalize the diversity of genders and identities and promote a vibrant yet respectful community that will unite all people. The project will break the stereotypes and make a bold statement that social causes can also be entertaining and engaging to everyone. The gameplay and alliance mechanics aim to unite all NFT holders to play together and collaborate to achieve common goals and rewards and learn to interact with others in meaningful, respectful ways. We aim to have many social justice advocates joining our discussion forums and share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences and help our audiences understand the importance of social justice in modern society.

– NFT investors, NFT collectors, and crypto enthusiasts:

 The project will provide a vast number of hand-drawn designs (more than 470), resulting in more than 195 Quintillion possible combinations while utilizing a unique, easy way to view rarity statistics. Additionally, there will be many rewards given to long-term holders, including free entry to the Unicorn Battles games, participation in the Unicorn alliances, redeeming physical unicorns cards, meetups, events, charity initiatives. Those efforts will result in a collection with long-term investment value to its loyal supporters. Aside from monetary benefits, the Gender Unicorns are aimed to bring technological advancements to the fields of blockchain gaming and make it easy, intuitive, and accessible to the masses.

SDG Rating

Gender Unicorns are eligible for the 5th category of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGD) set by the United Nations General Assembly (UN-GA) in 2015. However, we strongly disagree with the very limited scope and definitions of the SDG goals which don’t account for gender diversity. Hence we propose a more inclusive  SDG amendment, which is defined in this proposal.

Achieving global gender equality is one of the most critical challenges of the 21st century. Nevertheless, genders are not limited in a gender binary classification of males and females.

Our project aims to give particular attention to the issue of recognizing the right of gender identity of all human beings. The specter and diversity of gender identities is manifested through our project and we ask all international organizations and governments to listen to the voice of the people suppressed by prejudice and hatred.

The passage of gender equality civil rights legislation should remain on the highest priorities of all administrations globally. The voting of legislation is the most convincing demonstration of a necessity to condemn the onslaught of existing laws targeting members of the LGBTQ+ community globally.

Gender Unicorns is the best medium for all participants to read about gender identities and support our cause.

SDG Goals

This section includes the SGD goals that apply to the Gender Unicorns.

Goal 5. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

SDG Subgoals

5.1 End all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

5.1.1 Whether or not legal frameworks are in place to promote, enforce and monitor equality and non‑discrimination on the basis of sex

Our project aims for a meaningful change in the definitions of the SDG goals, and will utilize its influence to achieve that.

Social Impact Plan

Our social impact plan is broken into two distinct categories: the Social Impact Zones that will help us achieve our strategic goals, and the Implementation Mechanisms taking place on a daily basis to ensure the consistent application of the Social Impact Systems.

Social Impact Zones

Gender Unicorns will use 16 impact zones to promote diversity & equality:

  1. 10,001 NFT cards with 20+ unique gender identities and educational info embed in their metadata and game interface
  2. 20+ gender in-game alliances designed to support cooperation, education, and collaboration through game quests
  3. In-game rewards system to support alliance members who are providing value to the entire community
  4. Voting powers to all community members, who will decide their moderators, speakers, representatives, events, and charities
  5. Community monthly awards for the most engaged, helpful, and influential members
  6. 20+ gender Discord server channels serving as a safe space for meaningful communication
  7. A Gender Wikipedia which gets updated based on the content shared by the community
  8. Dedicated gender blog on the official website discussing issues of gender equality and diversity
  9. Dedicated gender forums on the official website, open to everyone
  10. Directory of approved partners, sponsors, and supporters of diversity & equality
  11. Directory of approved charities supporting gender diversity & equality
  12. Interactive presentations by educators and public speakers on all diversity-related topics
  13. Open discussions with a focus on gender expression, gender identity, and mental health
  14. Community-voted and driven charity events related to gender diversity and equality
  15. Community exhibitions sharing the creative work of our diverse community
  16. Community competitions and awards, honoring the most impactful members of the community exhibitions
We always welcome all feedback from the community to advance our goals. Please let us know if you have any questions about our systems or suggestions on improving our impact by using the official support Discord channel: #support

Implementation Mechanisms

The most important mechanism to achieve our ambitious goals and KPIs is our diverse, experienced, dedicated team. Our team is working under strictly defined tasks and responsibilities for each member. Daily and weekly meetings are taking place since August 2021, when the project began, and continue more rigorously as we come closer to the launch date.

The head of all operations and the final decision maker is the CEO George Chrysochou.His main task is to assign, moderate, and coordinate the entire team to complete daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and ensure the project meets its goals and objectives.

Each team member must invest a minimum of 8 hours of work during weekdays (with 9+ hours being optimal) and 5 hours of work during weekends. A Google spreadsheet is available for each team member where each completed task and the workouts should be recorded daily.

The responsibilities for each team member are defined in the private tasks lists found in the project’s proprietary drive data. The COO is responsible for overseeing the minimum required daily tasks/hours and reporting to the CEO. The CEO is responsible for supervising the COO’s own daily tasks/hours.

All code development tasks are managed by the CTO, Giorgos Georgiou, and a team of part-time developers and contractors.

The main design team is comprised of Olko Vladi, the Lead Character Designer, and Katerina Kuparadze, the Lead Graphic Designer. Evros Neofytides, the Lead Web Designer, provides additional design assistance on demand.

The marketing team is led by the CMO, Luba Shevchuk,  and involves all the main team members, which are assigned daily marketing responsibilities and their regular duties. All marketing activities are monitored via productivity sheets and custom CRM implementations.

The Community Manager, Aizel ash Villarino will be managing the operations of our public forums, social media channels, and Discord servers and directing the team of community moderators.

This level of organizational structure ensures that our team will stay on track with our weekly tasks, milestones, deadlines, and processes. Every week, the CEO monitors and adjusts the weekly tasks with the assistance of all other team members.

Marketing Strategy

The main marketing strategy is based on five pillars:

  1. Influencer marketing
  2. Email outreach
  3. PPC advertising
  4. Contests
  5. Community building

1. Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing will require seeking paid and free mentions from NFT, CNFT, and cryptocurrency space authorities.

Our marketing team has carefully created a detailed list of more than 2000 NFT & Crypto influencers primarily active on Twitter and Youtube, and to a lesser extent on Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

We have been gathering promotional cost info for each influencer by reaching out to them over several months.

We then analyze their engagement metrics -including formulas for engagement rates, bot or inactive accounts percentage, activity rate, effective audience, reputation scores – and allocate our influencer budget accordingly.

2. Email outreach:

Email outreach efforts are categorized into two main phases:

The first phase is creating extensive, manually researched email lists of the thousands of websites related to the following niches: NFT, crypto, news media, social causes, social justice, NGO, gender equality, gender rights, etc.

The second phase is manually outreaching to those websites utilizing every email account and team member. We simply present our project and its social impact potential and share our media packages in our outreach attempts. We are also open to participating in interviews, events, contests, and partnership deals if the parties’ goals and code of conduct align.

3. PPC advertising

Our team consists of two directors of two Google Partners agencies, who collectively have more than 20 years of experience in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

The PPC campaign will focus primarily on branding campaigns via Google Display Advertising, Google Search Advertising, and Facebook Advertising, and to a smaller scale on Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, and Instagram.

In such campaigns, the main aspects of the project will be communicated with static and animated banners, shown to a carefully targeted user demographic of NFT and crypto enthusiasts.

4. Contests

Gender Unicorns will run regular contests to expand our userbase and reward our most active and valuable members. Such contests will require meaningful community contributions, such as being an active participant in the dedicated gender channels, having a high number of positive mentions among the community, inviting a high number of relevant people in the community, publishing and sharing valuable content, taking the initiative for helping any associated social cause and charities, or any other related activity that helps strengthen the community and aligns with our social impact objectives.

The rewards for those contests will be:

  • Pinklisting spots (limited to a maximum of 2 NFTs per individual)
  • monetary rewards in $ADA
  • exclusive moderator roles on our community channels such as discord
  • exclusive access to private community channels
  • voting rights to important project decisions
  • exclusive access to new iterations of the Gender Battles
  • exclusive positions within the Gender Alliances, and 
  • Perks defined upon community polls.

5. Community building

Our most prized asset is our community; therefore, we must ensure that it is built on a solid, safe, and respectful foundation that will allow us to scale our reach and maximize our impact.

Several automated qualitative and quantitative systems and structures will be placed to give recognition, rights, and rewards to the most reputable, active, and respectful community members. A bottom-up management system will be applied in selecting community moderators as their powers will depend on their reputation. The community will vote for which moderators and community speakers should be promoted via periodic polls.

Furthermore, the status and reputation of members who wish to enter the safelist or moderator team will also be verified via engagement metrics via discord bots, activity reports, and manual reviews by the moderators. Every safelist or moderator approval will require the agreement of the majority of the relevant moderating teams. If there is no consensus, an application can be re-examined after 1 week upon request.

Most importantly, we wish our community members to feel free to express themselves in their way and meet and exchange ideas and thoughts with others in a respectful environment. Everyone can join our discussion events and create a live call via our servers. We plan to bring regular speakers that will discuss gender diversity issues, among other topics, and encourage each of our members to join in and create their events.

Once those systems take place, we expect our Community to have the largest impact on our growth via viral marketing and word of mouth. This will be the true catalyst that will bring our project worldwide recognition.

Success Metrics

Since our project has a complex nature, with several objectives, our success metrics will be broken down into three main categories, Social Impact, Minting Economics and Gaming Adoption.

Social Impact

The most crucial success factor is forming a vibrant, respectful, and active community that will accept and love each other. We foresee to have 30,000+ discord members within 2 months of launching our gameplay video and its respective marketing campaigns. Moreover, we wish to have at least 1,000 participants in the dedicated genders channels expressing their feelings, ideas and encouraging each other. By the end of the first year marketing operations we foresee to have 100,000+ discord members and more than 10,000+ gender channel participants.

As the community grows larger, and our alliances and game features come into life, we expect to have an increase of 5% in the engagement rate of our community members by the end of 2021. This translates into more than 5,000 messages for topics related to gender acceptance, inclusion and appreciation shared each month across our servers and social media channels.

We plan to run anonymous, period sentiment polls across our channels and measure the level of acceptance and satisfaction within our members. Our target is to have at least 80% of all participants stating with confidence that their involvement in the Gender Unicorns helped their emotional state and wellbeing. We also aim that at least 50% of all members found a new friend that they can trust within our community.

Minting Economics

We target  to completely sell all the 10,000 NFTs of the Generation 1 collection, within 1 month since the minting and distribution phase begins. Only pinklisted (pre–approved) individuals will be allowed to enter the distribution lists, to ensure a fair, and diverse community of owners. As we mentioned above, the exact price of each NFTs will be determined later through community voting.

We expect to have more than 4,000 unique owners for the entire collection, a goal which will be in accordance with the pinklisting process. No pinklisted entity will be permitted to receive more than 5 NFTs each, during the pinklist. The majority of the pinklisted entities  will be granted only 2 or 1 NFT.

Three to five NFTs per entity will be permitted to people of extraordinary contribution to the community. By keeping those limits we expect a more diverse and involved community of NFT owners.

We also expect to maintain a floor price of our collection that will be at least 200% above the original minting price. Our team however will not actively participate in “sweep the floor” initiatives, i.e. rebuying our own NFTs below a certain price, as such transactions are dishonest and manipulative. Instead, we will focus on increasing the usability and inherent value of the project to long-term investors.

Gaming Adoption

The next phase of our project is the creation of the Unicorn Battles card game and the encouragement of the active engagement of users in the game through gender alliances.

We expect to have at least 2,000 unique users participating in the Unicorn Battles once the Unilend service goes live, which will allow users to borrow Unicorns from others to form a team of 5 and compete. The only minimum requirement to enter a battle is owning at least 1 Unicorn which should be the Bet (explained in detail below). This flexibility allows more participants to enter the Battles.

Lent Unicorns should be at least 50% of the total supply, within one year of launching the Unilend platform. We will encourage the lending of Unicorns with special events, Unicoins rewards and livestream promotions.

In total, we anticipate to have more than 50,000 Unicorn Battles within the first year, which translates to more than 25 battles per active user.

All gender alliances should maintain a roughly equal level of active members, and total monthly battles, which roughly translated to 5% of the total for each alliance. We will achieve this with adjusted rewards as explained in the Unicorns Alliances section.

Several Unicorn Battles will be broadcasted live on our YouTube channel. We aim to accumulate more than 1 million views for our gameplay videos within 1 year of publishing the service. We plan to partner with at least 10 gaming influencers to promote our game, and accumulate more than 10 million views of our game on their personal accounts.

Challenges & Mitigation

Main Challenges

The main challenges that may cause risks for the project’s success are:

– The unstable macroeconomic and regulatory environment may affect the technological advancement of both the crypto and NFT market. There is an absence of an international body of NFTs for setting regulations and legalization globally.

– The invasion of Ukraine and global political instability affect the availability and performance of the highly skilled workforce. Two members of our core team (Olko & Luba) come from Ukraine and are facing dire effects from this horrible Russian attack against world freedom.

– The NFT market and technology is very new and hence is often a target of scammers, phishers, cyberattacks, and criminal activities

– The potential of some key team members leaving the project before it fully completes its objectives

– High inflation may trigger an exponential rise in our expected development and marketing costs and drastically reduce the purchasing power of our available budget/funding.

– Lack of transparency in our main channels of advertisement. Part of our marketing strategy depends on promotional Twitter accounts and websites with less than 2 years of existence that belong to unregulated natural entities. Inevitably, a part of them will not deliver the required services.

Risk Mitigation

Some of our mitigation strategies include:

– Emergency/contingency fund from the investing team of €30,000, in addition to the initial fund invested in the project for its planned operations. The emergency fund will be used to counter the rise in expected costs and unexpected development requirements.

– Cardano is unquestionably the most technologically advanced, future-proof blockchain technology. Nevertheless, we consider the unsystematic risk, and therefore we will release the mainnet of our game after rigorous testing in a technologically and regulatory stable period.

– In the unlikely case that a core member has to abandon the project before it’s fully implemented, we maintain a list of highly skilled candidates ready to replace any position in our current team. Also, we keep very detailed documentation for all the work processes and tasks required for each team member, which will function as a guide for every newcomer.

– Before we launch our mainnet, we will request independent audits from third parties such as Haskell consultants (such as Well-Typed ) and cybersecurity experts to inspect our code and features and analyze any potential website vulnerabilities.

– We have been using advanced marketing analytic tools to analyze the metrics of influencers and websites (e.g., engagement rates, bot or inactive accounts percentage, activity rate, effective audience, reputation scores). This way, we minimize our exposure to the lack of transparency and fraudulent activities.

Development Budget

The expected work hours (WH) and associated costs for the remaining development tasks of our project’s roadmap are presented below. We assumed a fixed $100 hourly rate for each task in those calculations. The total estimated development budget for the specified tasks is $102,800.

Unicorn battles Mechanics & Game

Wallet NFT sync – 18 WH – $1800

Selector screens – 12 WH – $1200

Battle mechanics – 52 WH – $5200

Battle grid – 28 WH – $2800

Animations – 40 WH – $4000

Smart-contract – 74 WH – $7400

Unibet Match Making Service

Unibet main interface – 14 WH – $1400

User filter search – 18 WH – $1800

User profiles – 12 WH – $1200

Auto matchmaking smart algorithm – 18 WH – $1800

Smart-contract – 36 WH – $3600

Gender Alliances

Alliances chat & strategy rooms – 40 WH – $4000

Alliance mechanics – 28 WH – $2800

Alliance bonuses – 24 WH – $2400

Alliance contests – 20 WH – $2000

Smart-contract – 28 WH – $2800

Unicoins In-game Currency

Currency integration – 44 WH – $4400

Battle rewards mechanics – 32 WH – $3200

Validity checks – 20 WH – $2000

Unicoins automated distribution – 26 WH – $2600

Smart-contract – 54 WH – $5400

Alliances Voting

Voting mechanics – 30 WH – $3000

Voting events – 18 WH – $1800

Voting interface – 16 WH – $1600

Smart-contract – 46 WH – $4600

Alliances Leaderboards

Leaderboards mechanics – 26 WH – $2600

Leaderboards events – 20 WH – $2000

Leaderboards interface – 22 WH – $2200

Smart-contract – 36 WH – $3600

Unilend Lending Platform

Lending mechanics – 58 WH – $5800

Lending interface – 24 WH – $2400

Lending contests – 20 WH – $2000

Smart-contract – 74 WH – $7400

*Smart contracts development time also includes expected Q/A time.

Development Plan

All Gender Unicorn team members work in prestigious international companies and participate in renowned international projects. Our accumulative experience helped us choose the correct mechanisms to help us coordinate and track our progress.

For the effective coordination of the Gender Unicorns team members, we are using the following tools:

– Google Workspace

– Google Drive

– Github

– Discord

– Jira

– Nimbus

All the milestones from our road map and inserted in Github and Jira enable us to track our progress at any time. To measure our project’s progress and development, we introduced an agile methodology. The idea is to prioritize the tasks and then continuously deliver small functionalities of our project in small iterations (3 weeks). At the end of each iteration, our stakeholders will have the opportunity to see the demonstration of the development progress and provide feedback and recommendations. On the other hand, the development team will have the opportunity to evaluate their progress of the last iteration through retrospective and improvement. Jira will be our mainboard to keep track of our agile iterations and our backlog and roadmap.

About data management, we are using a tailor-made, GDPR compliant CRM system that helps us to monitor and manage our branding activities. Through our CRM we are tracking the daily OPEX of our project, enabling us to cooperate more effectively with influencers and partners. This system also helps us distribute our budget more effectively by comparing competing marketing offers. Additionally, we have created custom solutions that help us organize and analyze our community analytics across all of our media platforms, via measuring engagements, community size, users quality, and more.

For file exchange, and collaboration we are utilizing Google Workspace and Google drive, with access, restricted only to team accounts via dedicated profiles. We are securing all of our accounts and devices with 2FA authentication and allow access only to safelisted IPs. We are all using encrypted passwords and password management solutions to each service that we are using on both personal and business accounts.

Unicorn Battles & Unibet

Game Glossary

  • Unicorn Battle / Battle: the exclusive Gender Unicorns NFT card game
  • Unicorn: the NFT that belongs in the official collection “Gender Unicorns”
  • Battleground: the 3×3 grid in that the Battles will be played
  • Bet: the Unicorn of each player that will be given as a reward to the winner of the Battle
  • Unibet: the Unicorn Bet matchmaking service allowing for filtered bids and criteria
  • Contract: the signed Battle contract when  two players agree on their Bets
  • Player: one of the 2 participants during a Battle
  • Owner: the legitimate owner of a Cardano wallet that holds an official Unicorn
  • Rider: the player who starts first during a Battle
  • Challenger: the player starts the Battle after the Rider
  • Round: each turn which one of the two players is permitted to place a Unicorn during a Battle
  • Attacker: the player who has the turn to place their Unicorn during a Round
  • Defender: the player whose Unicorns are defending against the Attacker during a Round
  • Deck: the initial 5 cards/Unicorns are Controlled by each Player
  • Control: the player that holds control of a Unicorn during a single Battle. It is indicated by the color of the Frame
  • Frame: the frame on each Unicorn. Its color indicates the Player who has Control: White for the Rider and Pink for the Challenger. The Frame also shows the 4 Power Levels.
  • Power Level:4 numerical metadata in the Frame named NorthPower, SouthPower, EastPower, West Power which determine the outcome of a Clash
  • Clash: a 1 to 1 fight between two Unicorns under different Control during a single turn
  • Flip: when a player takes over the Control of a Unicorn from his opponent
  • Unicoins: In-game currency that will be awarded to winners of the Battles
  • Unilend: the smart-contract platform where players can borrow/lend Unicorns and pay/earn $ADA in the process

Game Mechanics

The card game (aka “ Unicorn Battle” or simply “Battle”) is played on a 3×3 grid (aka  “Battleground”) and offers a 1 vs 1 player mode, even though 2 vs 2 Battles will be added as a future milestone.

To initiate a Battle, two players have to agree on their Bets. Each player should use one Unicorn that they own as a Bet for the Battle. The Winner of the Battle will receive both Unicorns on their wallet.

“Unibet” is the name of the platform Gender Unicorn’s website that all Bets will be listed in. Unibet will allow users not only to place their Bets but also add specific filters such as a  minimum Power Level or other rarity stat requirements for an offer to be valid for submission.

Bets can either be initiated or proposed. Initiated Bets are placed as a new Bet, while proposed Bets are responses to existing Bets. When a Bet is proposed, the person who initiated the Bet will receive a notification(via the site or via email)  to review the offer and respond if they accept it or reject it.

If the proposed Bet gets accepted, then the Battle Contract becomes validated, and the Battle should commence within 24 hours when both players will be online on the site. When both players are online, a new prompt will appear for them to initiate the Battle, and if they both agree the Battle begins.

The Battles will have a 2-minute time limit per round, so the maximum time a Battle can last is 18 minutes, even though typically they should last approximately 10 minutes. If a player fails to take action within the 2 minutes during their turn, then an automated play is initiated in which the first available Unicorn in the Deck will be placed in the first available slot on the Battlefield grid.

The Unicorn Battle requires each player to choose a deck of 5 of their own Unicorns in their wallet to initiate the battle. In a later Milestone, players will also be eligible to borrow Unicorns that are listed in the Unicorn Marketplace / Unilend platform from other owners for a fee.

The Battle begins with a random 50/50 draw to determine which player will start first. The starting player is called the “Rider,” and his opponent is called the “Challenger.”

Each Battle includes 9 Rounds. During the 1st Round, the Rider has to choose one of the 5 cards in their deck and place it anywhere in the Battleground. 

During the 2nd Round, the Challenger will have to place one of their 5 cards to the Battleground.

Each of the 9 rounds will require the Players to alternate their turns until the Rider uses all of their 5 cards, and the Challenger uses 4 of its cards (leaving the last remaining one unused).

When a Unicorn is placed in the Battleground adjacent vertically or horizontally to another Unicorn belonging to the Challenger, it initiates an instant Clash between the adjacent Unicorns. In the default version of the game, each turn can initiate from 0 up to 4 clashes, depending on how many adjacent Unicorns are controlled by the opponent.

During a Clash, the two competing Unicorns will compare their respective adjacent Power Levels.  The Power Levels are the 4 numerical metadata found on each side of the Frame of the Unicorn. Each Power Level is named after its respective cardinal directions: NorthPower, SouthPower, EastPower, and WestPower.

Suppose the adjacent Power Levels of the Attacking Unicorn are higher than the respective Power Level of the Defending Unicorns. In that case, the Defending Unicorn will go under Control by the Attacking player. This process, in which a Unicorn changes Control from one player to the other, is called “Flip.”

Control of a Unicorn can change/flip several times during the span of a Battle, depending on the outcome of a Clash after each round.

Control is primarily indicated by the background color of the Frame for each Unicorn. All Rider’s Controlled unicorns have a white Frame color, and all Challenger’s Controlled Unicorns have a Pink color. When a Unicorn flips, the Frame Colour will switch to the one the Player who Controls it. 

After the 9 rounds end, the winner should have at least 1 more Unicorn under their Control compared to their opponent  – so a minimum of 6 Unicorns under their Control is required.

If both players end the final round by having 5 Unicorns each under their control, then the Battle ends in a tie and will be repeated until a winner is determined. If there are 3 consecutive Battles that all end in a tie, then the Battle contract is canceled, and both Unicorns return to their original wallets.

The winner of a Battle will win the Unicorn that was used as a Bet by his opponent. Once Unicorn Alliances are introduced, the winner and his alliance will also receive an in-game currency called Unicoins for their victory, which can be redeemed for in-game perks and features.

Unilend Platform

Users who don’t own the 5 required Gender Unicorn NFTs to participate in the Unicorn Battles may borrow listed Unicorns on the Lending Marketplace (aka “ Unilend”), which will be hosted on our site.

Lending will be implemented via a smart contract and have a preset time frame, and a rate set by the lender and paid in advance by the borrower.

Lent Unicorns can be used in the 5-card Battle Deck but cannot be used as a Bet. Only a Unicorn that the player owns can be placed as a bet since the borrowed Unicorns should be returned to the original owner once the lending time agreement ends.

Lenders will be able to list their owned Unicorns for lend by setting several desired lending timeframes and rates. Unicorns with high Power Levels will have a higher lending value, regardless of their overall rarity statistics.

The battle system thus gives another rarity value aspect to all Unicorns. Unicorns with relatively common visual characteristics may still possess more rare (PowerLevel) battle statistics, giving them high value on the lending marketplace. For this reason, we will upload two rarity ranking tables on our site, one for common design traits and another table solely focused on Battle statistics.

The Battle statistic rarity score will be visible on Unilend’s platform to make it easier for users to determine if a Unicorn’s lending price is fair.

Once a lending agreement is reached between the two parties – the Lender and the Borrower – the Borrower will instantly receive their desired Unicorn for as long as the contract dictates, and the Lender will receive the lending fee in $ADA. 

In addition to the fee in $ADA, the lender will also receive an amount of Unicoins, as an additional reward for providing liquidity to the lending platform.

Once the lending agreement ends its lifespan, the borrowed Unicorn will be refunded back to the Owner’s wallet.

Gender Unicorns intends to add Lending leaderboards and reward the top Lenders with exclusive rewards, channels, voting power, and early beta testing access. A generous amount of Unicoins will be rewarded to the top active lenders each end of the month.

Unicorn Alliances

The Unicorn Alliances are the Gender Unicorns exclusive clubs reserved for eligible Unicorn holders.


Each alliance will have different criteria to enter, determined by the unique traits of a Unicorn owned by an eligible holder.

Eligible holders are owners of the official Gender Unicorns, which can verify their ownership via a Yoroi wallet chrome extension or other suitable Cardano wallets.

Once the ownership has been verified, the owner may enter any eligible alliances based on their Unicorns traits.

Alliances in Gender Unicorn’s universe are split into two categories. “Public Alliances” which any Gender Unicorn owner may join and interact with, and “Exclusive Alliances,” which can only be unlocked with a specified Unicorn trait value, such as the “Female” gender.

The first trait-required alliance type available will be the Gender Alliances, which are described in the following section.

Gender Alliances

Gender alliances will be the first type of exclusive alliances permitted in the Unicorns Alliances.

Gender alliances, as the name suggests, will be determined by the gender(s) of the Unicorn(s) in a connected wallet.

There are currently 20 different genders in the first generation of the Gender Unicorns, listed alphabetically below:

  • Agender
  • Aliagender
  • Androgyne
  • Bigender
  • Butch
  • Demiboy
  • Demigirl
  • Epicene
  • Female
  • Femme
  • Genderfluid
  • Genderqueer
  • Intergender
  • Male
  • Neutrois
  • Pangender
  • Rainbow
  • Third Gender
  • Transgender
  • Two-spirit

Each of the Generation one genders traits will have an equal rarity percentage, currently set to 5%. The rarity levels of each gender are not representing any actual global statistics for the gender distribution of the human population.

The whole intent of the Unicorn genders is to emphasize and celebrate the diversity in genders across all beings and normalize this diversity by allowing people across the globe to use those genders to enter alliances and fight together under common causes.

Alliance Battles

A Unicorn holder of certain traits can be eligible to join one Exclusive Alliance and fight the Unicorn Battles under the Alliance’s flag.

When the player wins each battle, they will receive the Unicorn which was placed as a Bet from his opponent, and an amount of Unicoins.

Fighting the Battles under an Exclusive Alliance grants a percentile bonus in the amount of Unicoins earned after a victory.

Smaller alliances will enjoy a higher percentile Unicoin bonus than bigger alliances, which will help them equalize the gap.

Each month the Top 3 Alliances which accumulate the highest total of Unicoins will be rewarded with a bonus Unicoin multiplier for all of their members during the next month.

Unicoins will function as a reward and reputation system which can be redeemed for specific Alliance Rewards, as explained in the following section.

Alliance Voting & Management

Being a member of an Exclusive Alliance will unlock a different set of exclusive rewards.

The first immediate reward is a percentile boost (aka “Alliance multiplier”) on every Unicoin earned by the player upon winning a Battle. The smaller the alliance, the higher the reward.

Each alliance will have a member ranking leaderboard which will sort users by their total number of earned Unicoins.

All members within the alliance will vote each month for which members should possess moderating positions for the next month. 

Moderators will have the authority to moderate the chat groups and set up the strategic plans for the upcoming Battles and tournaments. In return, moderators will be rewarded with a higher Alliance Multiplier.

Alliance members will have a voting power that will be analogical to their earned Unicoins. Thus more active users will have a higher voting power than casual users and are more likely to maintain moderating powers within their alliance.

In a future milestone, alliances will compete in global tournaments (some of which may be in physical locations). Such tournaments will offer exclusive rewards such as custom merchandise, custom physical Gender Unicorns cards signed by the founding team, and other rare physical and digital rewards.

Gender Channels & Wiki

Our project aims to give voice to all people of all genders, especially to under-represented, marginalized people facing prejudice their entire lives.

We believe that the best remedy against bias and hatred is knowledge; hence we want to promote expression and education of gender diversity from our community members. To achieve this goal, we created a Gender Wikipedia and dedicated gender channels on our Discord server.

The content of the Gender Wikipedia will be updated via community feedback directly provided on the dedicated Gender Channels via our Discord server.

Each member of our Discord needs to assign a gender role that is the closest that represents them to get access to our server.

Once a gender role is assigned, the member can participate in all public channels and express freely in their respective gender channel.

The first generation of Gender Unicorns will support 20 unique genders and their respective channels, even though more Gender channels will be added in the future according to our community’s requests.

The links to first-generation gender wikipedia content and their respective Gender Channel’s invitations links can be found below:

All community members can view all gender channels but add content only to their dedicated gender channel. The reason to do that is to allow a more meaningful exchange of information, ideas, and thoughts of people of the same gender in a safe, respectful environment.

We will operate open channels such as the #general channel for community interaction between all genders.

Gender Metaverse

We intend to expand the Gender Unicorns to a bigger, open, interactive Metaverse. The name of the official Metaverse will be announced at a later stage once all intellectual property rights are acquired.

The upcoming Gender Metaverse should include a growing variety of communities, games, and collections, interacting with each other seamlessly.

The participants in this Gender Metaverse will be able to form friendships, relationships, and activities with other users, while also owning several types of unique assets, all verified in the blockchain.

Even though the Gender Metaverse will initiate on the Cardano blockchain, it will eventually expand to all major blockchains, using cross-blockchain bridge solutions, and thus broaden our userbase to new levels.

Eventually, the Gender Metaverse will evolve to connect with the physical world by forming exclusive social events, trips, contests, giveaways, merchandise, charities, and more.

For updates on our project, our milestones, and the evolution of the Gender  Metaverse, please make sure to follow our official social media channels.

LAST UPDATED: 17.03.23

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